Deeply Shallow

Dia de Los Scaredy Cats

Episode Notes

With Halloween quickly approaching, Matt and Tara spend this episode, “Dia de Los Scaredy Cats”, sharing their opinions and experiences regarding the holiday, the supernatural, and their own anxiety and fears.


Episode Highlights:




“We’re surrounded by crazy people!”


“The boys told me that Banana’s friend said that she was happy that their dog died.”


“The fact that her house didn’t get egged is beyond comprehension!”


“It’s like ‘little dick syndrome’ to me.”


“They would do this every Thursday and talk to their deceased father and this deceased daughter of one of them.”


“Who’s this bitch? I’ve been dead for 5 minutes!”


“You have a problem not wetting your pants on a regular basis.”


“If no one’s murdering you, that’s a 5-star rating.”


“If you catch yourself worrying about things that you can’t control, go talk to someone, go get some help.”


“There’s my 5 year-old brother holding this little baby like…’somebody’s killing my Dad!’”



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